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@190Manhattan May 22, 14:48

Don't get stuck N safe & predictable. When God's word calls you N2 the unknown - Go. 2 hesitate may cost U your appointment with greatness.

@190Manhattan May 15, 14:52

Knowledge of spiritual things is NOT spiritual knowledge.

@190Manhattan May 15, 14:37

Self will that refuses to be instructed by circumstances will soon fall into calamity. A teachable spirit is very profitable to its owner.

@190Manhattan May 11, 04:14

Whatever Christ gives you, it is sufficient for your needs.

@190Manhattan Apr 26, 18:59

Those who don't know you yet speak negatively of you operate out of envy and jealousy. And most likely are projecting their flaws onto you.

@190Manhattan Apr 24, 14:51

We are each tested by the praise that is given to us by others. #ToGodAloneGoedAllTheGlory

@190Manhattan Apr 12, 14:05

Divine teachings is always set above human opinion. The sin of ignorance is forgivable. But the sin of rebellion will always see God's wrath

@190Manhattan Apr 07, 14:14

The carnal mind cannot please God. It shouts when it shouldn't, it moves when it shouldn't, it doesn't recognize nor is it committed to God.

@190Manhattan Apr 07, 13:41

Doubt and unbelief always looks to flesh and responds "we cannot ". Faith always looks to The Word of Christ and says "we can".

@190Manhattan Apr 06, 15:14

The ignorance of faithlessness causes us to reject that which would deliver us & run toward that which would hold us in chains & kill us.

@190Manhattan Apr 06, 15:11

Unbelief always forgets what it should remember, and remembers what it should forget.

@190Manhattan Apr 05, 11:28

In the midst of our rebellion against the will of God, forget not the sovereignty of Christ, for there is a place where we all obey.

@190Manhattan Apr 01, 18:46

The purpose of Christian ministry is to gather people together around Christ and then to move them forward to build His kingdom.

@190Manhattan Mar 23, 16:57

Get right. Stay right. And it will be right.

@190Manhattan Mar 18, 17:46

Our relationship with Christ is and always will be simple. The moment it turns complicated is the moment you know it's no longer Christ.

@190Manhattan Feb 13, 14:51

Beware of the comfort of the familiar. It will snatch the promises of Jesus Christ from your life & leave wallowing N spiritual mediocrity.

@190Manhattan Jan 24, 17:39

Behavior that does not authenticate The Word of God is null & void. It serves no positive purpose & can never bring the blessings of God.

@190Manhattan Jan 13, 14:16

There's no success without wisdom. There's no wisdom without listening to the word of Christ, accepting that word and applying the same.

@190Manhattan Jan 07, 16:49

All anointing and sanctification must have as its foundation the cross of Christ. If the cross isn't the foundation then the rest is fake.

@190Manhattan Jan 03, 13:10

And thank Jesus I've been sanctified (The Holy Spirit fighting in me). I'm set apart for the purpose of Jesus Christ. I'm special!!!

@190Manhattan Jan 03, 13:08

Thank Jesus that I've been justified (Christ fighting for me) by His atoning death on the cross & by faith in the same.

@190Manhattan Dec 31, 17:49

Life's challenges ask 3 questions: How?When?Why? Faith always responds with 1 reply - Jesus. Without Christ- nothing. With Him- everything.

@190Manhattan Dec 21, 15:03

Faith must be tested if it is going to be strengthened and increased. And we know that Jesus is all about faith. So prepare to be tested.

@190Manhattan Dec 21, 14:54

If the devil could do everything he sez he will do, he would have already done it. He hasn't done it cause he can't. He's a liar. #GodsChild

@190Manhattan Dec 17, 16:19

It doesn't matter what kind of deliverance is needed - God The Father, God The Son (Jesus), and God The Holy Spirit, they as one, are able.

@190Manhattan Dec 12, 20:07

The second step is not revealed in our walk with Jesus until the first step is taken. Thanks because we walk by faith and not by sight.

@190Manhattan Dec 12, 19:57

Mercy rejected, always and without fail, brings judgment.

@190Manhattan Dec 09, 15:27

However, the devil does not let God's people go easily. But if the believer will B persistent in obedience, total & complete victory is won.

@190Manhattan Dec 09, 15:03

The command of Christ that all evil recognizes, that reveals the true love of Christ 4 humanity, has been & will 4ever B "Let My people go."

@190Manhattan Dec 05, 15:14

Our incredible weakness is revealed to prove that all the power is in Jesus alone. It is no surprise when men fail.

The House of Worship

The House of Worship is a nondenominational intentionally multicultural Christian Church. Our mission is to "Glorify God and to help others to personally know and grow in Jesus Christ." We are a diverse group of individuals who love Christ and love each other. We desire that anyone would feel welcome and at home regardless of their skin color, financial status, background, who you are married to or the clothes they wear. We are all the same in Christ Jesus. We believe in the supernatural transformational power of true worship. We believe that the gifts of the Spirit are still available and at work in the Church. We believe it is our mission to reach out to those that are unlike us that we might go out of our way that they might be comforted. We believe that nothing supernatural happens outside of the presence of God. The presence of Jesus Christ transforms everything. That is why it is imperative that we worship Him in Spirit and in Truth (lead by the Holy Spirit according to the word of God). In His presence we will find: Illumination, Revelation, Protection, Prosperity, Purity, Power, Provisions, Peace, Life, Wisdom, Victory, Abundance, Joy, Honor & Glory and the fullness of the good news of Jesus Christ.

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