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@190Manhattan Jan 12, 16:04

As long as we seek The Lord Jesus Christ, God will make us to prosper.

@190Manhattan Dec 09, 17:44

Let us not be of the mindset to only follow Jesus Christ when we think it is in our best interest. This is not repr…

@190Manhattan Nov 01, 02:09

Evil births evil. Righteous births righteousness. What does your baby look like?

@190Manhattan Oct 20, 16:18

If men smile but God frowns, the smile of men serve no cause. If men frown but God smiles, then all the frowns of man can’t stop God’s will.

@190Manhattan Oct 05, 15:36

Only Jesus Christ can deliver us. But if we R to have His deliverance we must do what He tells us to do - we must follow His divine process.

@190Manhattan Sep 27, 16:36

Everything is consulted except God's word. Even though It is the criteria for every situation. When we operate outside of God = DISASTER!

@190Manhattan Sep 08, 14:18

Sin never straightens itself out. It always gets worse. The only remedy for sin is the blood of Jesus that was poured out on the cross.

@190Manhattan Sep 07, 14:47

God The Father pardons the sinner for the sake of God The Son Jesus Christ. But to be accepted there must be brokenness before The Lord.

@190Manhattan Aug 26, 14:54

Flesh can never overcome flesh. Only The Spirit overcomes flesh. The flesh always seeks to persecute The Spirit, but success is seen N God.

@190Manhattan Aug 19, 20:58

When life gets tuff we complain against God. But most likely we R the problem. Don't forget that regardless of what, the why is 4 our good.

@190Manhattan Aug 03, 13:23

The place of surrender to Jesus Christ is the place of our victory, the place of our breakthrough, the place where blessings break forth.

@190Manhattan Jul 26, 18:54

The realization that satan is simply a tool N the hand of Jesus to make us stronger is a deep revelation that frees the heart to fully obey.

@190Manhattan Jul 10, 18:18

The absence of common courtesy toward people we don't know is a sign of our degraded character.

@190Manhattan Jun 28, 15:10

While the ship is definitely in the water, trouble arises when water gets in the ship. Be in the world, but not of the world.

@190Manhattan Jun 28, 14:30

Remind us Great King, that today & every day, Your grace is sufficient. That You giving us what we don't deserve is enough for us 2 make it!

@190Manhattan Jun 26, 14:28

God's enemy is an expert at telling an alternative story that utterly contradicts the word of God. Obedience equals victory - unavoidable!

@190Manhattan Jun 17, 15:33

Understanding what God is doing in your life is not a requirement of God. His only requirement is obedience. Following His plan = victory!

@190Manhattan Jun 17, 15:19

Only obedience can establish and manifest our kingship in Christ Jesus. #AboveAllObey

@190Manhattan Jun 16, 14:42

The worthlessness of man's promises stand in sharp contrast to the worthfullness of God's. #PromiseKeeper

@190Manhattan Jun 02, 15:04

Fear & doubt are contagious. Stop hanging with those who don't truly believe God & watch your faith, obedience and spiritual results grow.

@190Manhattan May 31, 19:19

The devil is a master at convincing humanity that what isn't of God - is. And what is of God - isn't.

@190Manhattan May 22, 14:48

Don't get stuck N safe & predictable. When God's word calls you N2 the unknown - Go. 2 hesitate may cost U your appointment with greatness.

@190Manhattan May 15, 14:52

Knowledge of spiritual things is NOT spiritual knowledge.

@190Manhattan May 15, 14:37

Self will that refuses to be instructed by circumstances will soon fall into calamity. A teachable spirit is very profitable to its owner.

@190Manhattan May 11, 04:14

Whatever Christ gives you, it is sufficient for your needs.

@190Manhattan Apr 26, 18:59

Those who don't know you yet speak negatively of you operate out of envy and jealousy. And most likely are projecting their flaws onto you.

@190Manhattan Apr 24, 14:51

We are each tested by the praise that is given to us by others. #ToGodAloneGoedAllTheGlory

@190Manhattan Apr 12, 14:05

Divine teachings is always set above human opinion. The sin of ignorance is forgivable. But the sin of rebellion will always see God's wrath

@190Manhattan Apr 07, 14:14

The carnal mind cannot please God. It shouts when it shouldn't, it moves when it shouldn't, it doesn't recognize nor is it committed to God.

@190Manhattan Apr 07, 13:41

Doubt and unbelief always looks to flesh and responds "we cannot ". Faith always looks to The Word of Christ and says "we can".

The House of Worship

The House of Worship is a nondenominational intentionally multicultural Christian Church. Our mission is to "Glorify God and to help others to personally know and grow in Jesus Christ." We are a diverse group of individuals who love Christ and love each other. We desire that anyone would feel welcome and at home regardless of their skin color, financial status, background, who you are married to or the clothes they wear. We are all the same in Christ Jesus. We believe in the supernatural transformational power of true worship. We believe that the gifts of the Spirit are still available and at work in the Church. We believe it is our mission to reach out to those that are unlike us that we might go out of our way that they might be comforted. We believe that nothing supernatural happens outside of the presence of God. The presence of Jesus Christ transforms everything. That is why it is imperative that we worship Him in Spirit and in Truth (lead by the Holy Spirit according to the word of God). In His presence we will find: Illumination, Revelation, Protection, Prosperity, Purity, Power, Provisions, Peace, Life, Wisdom, Victory, Abundance, Joy, Honor & Glory and the fullness of the good news of Jesus Christ.

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