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@190Manhattan Sep 14, 15:21

We act a certain way when we think we've won. The game isn't over but we see with I's of faith. We must C it B4 we C it, if we want 2 C it.

@190Manhattan Sep 14, 15:13

If waiting on the release of a promise, it is best to praise HIM like U already have it. Believers, we don't wait 2 C it before we shout.

@190Manhattan Sep 10, 15:40

As a follower of Christ there was a moment that U realized that Jesus was all U needed. He wants U to know that He's still all U need.

@190Manhattan Sep 07, 14:06

The amazing grace of Christ: He isn't ashamed to be called the God of poor, feeble, imperfect men, if they have faith & love in their heart.

@190Manhattan Sep 07, 14:04

An old sin is an easy sin. We are only noble when we are energized by faith.

@190Manhattan Sep 07, 14:03

Our natural character is cowardly & false. Once we leave the path of faith our judgment becomes faulty.

@190Manhattan Sep 01, 11:26

When God is slower to answer our prayers than we desire, the pressure of these times reveal what we really believe about God.

@190Manhattan Aug 27, 13:22

Don't let the impatience of unbelief destroy your destiny. The flesh quickly grows tired of waiting for the divine promise.

@190Manhattan Aug 20, 16:55

Success is not determined by the outcome. Success is determined by obedience to God.

@190Manhattan Aug 20, 14:29

The only way for followers of Christ to help the world is to be separated, but not isolated from it, through fellowship with Jesus Christ.

@190Manhattan Aug 19, 13:15

Are we ashamed to compare our lives to God's word? Have we rejoiced in Christ's desire for our lives as much as we have over riches? #Focus

@190Manhattan Aug 17, 12:00

You will ultimately become like whatever you worship.

@190Manhattan Aug 13, 14:20

Whenever thought, counsel or word derives its inspiration from opposing the will of Jesus Christ, even in the smallest degree, it is sin.

@190Manhattan Aug 13, 14:09

All sin in our lives represents Satan's efforts, using man as his agent, to oppose and destroy God's plan for our lives.

@190Manhattan Jul 30, 14:35

The challenges of life are essential for our spiritual development and the manifestation of the power of God. #AlwaysChooseJesus

@190Manhattan Jul 28, 15:21

As Christians we should not allow our love 4 our group (race, gender, age, etc...) to surpass our obligation to live according to God's word

@190Manhattan Jul 28, 01:30

You can't have what you want until you do what you're supposed to do. #NoExcuses

@190Manhattan Jul 21, 23:38

Happiness is a choice. Don't allow it 2 be a response to life's situations. Choose to be happy today. And make that choice 1 day at a time.

@190Manhattan Jul 14, 03:35

The only place we can find protection from evil is N our submission to God's word. If we abide N His word we can never be defeated by evil.

@190Manhattan Jul 12, 13:45

Christ isn't concerned about our religion, He's concerned about our relationship with Him. For all religion is hypocrisy. Rules made by men.

@190Manhattan Jul 08, 15:39

It is a lawless nation that does not know The Lord. #PrayForAnAwakening #TimeForAChange

@190Manhattan Jul 08, 03:59

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. But bad things always happen to bad people. And good things always happen to good people.

@190Manhattan Jun 30, 13:45

Our own desire allows temptation. Don't indulge, excuse, or deny your desire. But target it. Only then can God's power work 2 overcome it.

@190Manhattan Jun 29, 21:47

We desire the world 2B rid of sin. But for this 2 happen it must first start with us, the church. We must be perfected - we have 2 want it.

@190Manhattan Jun 29, 21:37

Mock humility is a dangerous thing. If Christ calls you to it then you can do it. Our excuses are not humility, but instead unbelief.

@190Manhattan Jun 26, 02:54

God gives us pastors 2 perfect us. But we don't want 2 B perfected, we want 2 B told we R fine as we R and some pastors give us what we want

@190Manhattan Jun 21, 13:55

For us 2 enter into Christ's manifested promises of tomorrow, today we must choose 2 eject the baggage of pain & remorse from our yesterday

@190Manhattan Jun 08, 14:04

Pastor Eric Leake said " Love without the truth is hypocrisy. And the truth without love is brutality." Thanks bishop!

@190Manhattan May 25, 20:17

Unbelief in Christ always takes us lower and lower. While faith in Him takes us higher and higher. To have faith is to please God.

@190Manhattan May 21, 14:26

The strength of the weak is praise and the worship of Jesus Christ is power.

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